There are few ways to get out of jail after an arrest, and paying a cash bond is one option. Another option is paying a bail bond agent for their services. If you are short on cash, turning to a bail bond agent is an excellent solution. You will need some money or assets to hire the agent, but you will need less through this option than with a cash bond. Here is an explanation of how much a bail bond agent costs and ways to pay these costs.

The Cash Bond Amount Is One Factor

When it comes to the costs you must pay to get out of jail, you will need to factor in several things. The first thing is the cash bond amount. How much did the court or jail set for the cash bond? Cash bonds can be as low as $300, but they can be as high as millions of dollars. The amount the court sets is the amount of cash you or the bail bond agent must pay. Therefore, the bail bond agent bases their charges on this amount.

The Bail Bond Agent's Fees Matter

The second factor that matters is the bail bond agent's fee amount. Bail bond agents charge at least 10% of the bond cost, but many charge higher percentages. This fee refers to the fee you must pay to hire the agent. You do not get this money back if you use the agent's services. If you do not have any money for it, the agent might accept assets instead. For example, you might be able to provide jewelry, electronics, or firearms as collateral. If so, these items cover the fees.

The Defendant's Criminal History Plays a Role

The other factor that affects how much you will need to pay is the defendant's criminal history. If the defendant is a first-time offender, the fees will likely be less. If the defendant has a long history of crimes or skipping bail, the bail bond agent might require more. The only way you can know the costs is by asking a bail bond agent. The agent can tell you exactly how much you will need to bail yourself or a friend out of jail.

If you want to get out of jail through a bail bond agent, call one. When you call, you can start the process, which will lead to a faster release.