If one of your loved ones has been arrested and jailed, you are most likely eager to bail him or her out. Unfortunately, bail amounts can be expensive, and the more serious the crime a person is charged with, the higher the bail amount will be. It is not uncommon for people to not have enough cash to pay a loved one's bail in full in order to secure release. If you are in this situation, you may want to consider contacting a reputable bail bonds service. With a bail bond, you will be responsible to pay a percentage of the bail amount and the bail bond service will cover the rest. However, for large bail amounts you may also need to provide collateral. Some types of collateral that can be used with a bail bond include:

Real Estate

If your loved one has been charged with a crime that carries a very large bail amount, you will need valuable collateral to secure a bail bond after paying the non-refundable fee. In these types of cases, most reputable bail bonds services will accept real estate as collateral. When you use any real estate that you own, such as a house, land, or commercial property, as collateral, the bail bonds service will hold the deed to the property. As long as your loved one shows up for all court appearances, you do not have to worry about losing your property.


For less expensive bail amounts, you may be able to use your automobile as collateral when working with a bail bonds service. If you opt to use your automobile as collateral, it does not mean that you have to physically turn it over to the bail bonds service—you will still be free to drive it daily. However, you will have to provide the bail bonds service with the title to the vehicle. In the event that your loved one does not show up in court and bail is forfeited, the bail bonds service will take possession of your automobile.

Precious Jewelry

You also have the option to use any precious jewelry that you may own as collateral for a bail bond. Since jewelry is small and easy to store, you will have to give your jewelry collateral to the bail bond service for safe keeping. In the event that you use jewelry as collateral, you can rest assured that it will be stored securely, and you will get it back after your loved one's case is finalized and no more court appearances are necessary.