Having a few drinks to celebrate a career goal, when enjoying a sporting event, or during any other recreational or celebratory activity is a practice that most people have indulged in at some point. However, from both a safe driving standpoint and in the eyes of the law, operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content over the legal limit is both dangerous and illegal. 

When a spouse is arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in a situation like this, it is normal to wonder what you can do in order to minimize the fallout from the arrest. If you are a spouse in this position, here are some key actions you should consider taking.

Locate where your spouse is being held

At the time of the arrest, your spouse will usually have been taken from the scene to a nearby law enforcement holding or booking facility. You will need the name, address, and phone number for the facility, as well as information about the charge that resulted in the arrest of your spouse. Having this information will help you take the necessary actions to get them released on bond and seek legal representation. 

Seek legal representation

While the law in most jurisdictions is specific on the legal punishment that accompanies a DUI conviction, it is important to note that your spouse has only been charged at this point. By engaging the services of an attorney as soon as you get the call about the arrest, your spouse will have the benefit of legal counsel to help minimize the damage as your family navigates the legal process. 

Take steps to restore the normal family routine

Getting your household back to a normal daily routine is the healthiest way to move forward while your family is dealing with the arrest of your spouse. This can best be achieved by taking steps to help you spouse with bond arrangements needed to free them from jail as quickly as possible. While your spouse will still be required to attend all court hearings and will need to remain in constant contact with their attorney, taking action to get them out of jail and back home quickly will lessen the emotional impact of the arrest on the family as well as prevent absences from work that could further impact the family's finances. 

Discussing your situation with a reputable bail bond agent in your area is the best way to help get your spouse released and put your family's life back on track after the emotional pain of a DUI arrest.