Are you thinking about selling, pawning, or taking a loan out on your jewelry? Jewelry can be a challenging type of item to price—and because of that it can be difficult to determine whether or not you're getting the appropriate amount of money. Here are some times for getting the most for your jewelry.

1. Consider Both Loans and Sales

There are times when either a loan or a sale may be more preferable. If you need a short-term amount of cash and want to hold on to your item, a jewelry loan makes sense. But if you don't care about your item or don't know when you'd be able to pay back the loan, a sale is generally safer. Overall, a loan will usually give you more money but will force you to pay it back over time. A sale will give you less money, but you will be free and clear.

2. Look Online for Quotes

Don't think that you have to go to a brick-and-mortar store to sell your jewelry. There are many companies now that specialize in offering loans for those with jewelry items—you'll just need to send it in via registered, insured mail. Often you can get better rates through online stores because they have greater competition. These online stores can also be convenient if you simply want to ship something in and get a check in the mail.

3. Include Any Documentation

Documentation will help a lender assess exactly how much your jewelry is worth to them. Documentation may include everything from an official appraisal to the value of your item on your insurance report—the more information you give, the better. The lender will be able to tell what the piece is made out of, such as verifying that the piece is made out of gold or diamonds, but items of jewelry can have additional value based on craftsmanship.

4. Consider Breaking It down

If you want to sell an item, and it has no sentimental value, you might want to consider selling it for gold, silver, or its gems. A broken or simply old piece of jewelry may actually be worth less than the value of its material parts, as it would be difficult for a jeweler or a pawn shop to resell. Instead you can go directly to companies that offer gold for cash loans or sales; they will be more willing to work on a material basis.

There are many ways that you can potentially gain money from your jewelry: cash-for-gold shops, pawn shops, jewelry lenders, and jewelry stores. It's often worth it for you to check with multiple shops before you sell your items so you can negotiate the best deal.