Businesses need capital to start up or to keep their current business in operation. Loans that cater to businesses can help them regain some of their financial footing. These loans can be offered through the major banks, the US Government, or other private sources. While taking out a loan can often be a life saver for many companies, sometimes a standard loan is not viable, or there may be other options. Here are some examples of alternative ways you can get some financial capital for your business.

Peer To Peer Lending

This is a fairly new way to get a loan, and it involves the use of individual's money, rather than that of banks or other financial institutions. Peer to peer lending lets several people (or even other businesses) offer you money, and they pool together to give you the funds you need. In order to get a peer to peer loan, you'll need to give the potential lenders an overview of your company, what your plans are for the money you receive, and of course information about your company's credit. Based on this information, "peers" will pitch in and lend you the amount you need. 

Credit Cards

If you just need an extra push to buy things like office equipment, furniture, and other things to get you started, credit cards may be the way to go. You can pay the entire balance off every month if you're able, and the credit information you need to submit can be a lot easier process than getting a loan. There are plenty of business credit cards out there that also offer you extra perks like bonus points, cash back, and airline miles. If you can get a business credit card with a good interest rate, it's a good option to use for your start up costs.

Home Equity Loans

If your home has a positive equity (meaning that the current value is more than you paid for it), you can opt to take out a HELOC, or home equity loan to help you out with your business financial needs. These loans require you to have good personal credit, but the money you get can be used for anything you need, including business costs. Another benefit to these types of loans is that they typically have a much lower interest rate than you'll find with most credit cards, standard business loans, and other methods of funding.

With a few alternative ways available to give you the capital you need, there are plenty of options out there to help you get extra money that will get your business off the ground and running.