Anyone who is out on bail knows it is best to lay low and avoid controversies. Getting into trouble with the law could lead to both bail and freedom being revoked. In the modern internet landscape, conduct on social media can now result in criminal charges. To play things very safe, take a few steps to avoid doing anything on a social media platform that just might land you back in jail.

Beware of What You Say (and Type) on Social Media

Just because social media is not "the real world," the platform serves an effective means of communication. Venting anger or acting irresponsibly online does come with consequences. Overt threats posted on social media have led to charges for disorderly conduct due when those whom the words were directed against feared for their safety.

Do not automatically assume that making outright threats is the only way you end up in front of a judge. Truthfully, anything you say or do on a social media account could have negative ramifications. Those walking free solely thanks to a bail bonds company have to be a lot more careful.

Avoid Venting or Discussing the Case

Social media does have a tendency to be a gripe platform. People who feel the law treated them unfairly may choose to go public with their concerns. Doing so is unwise because nothing posted on a social media site is going to change anything. Complaining about the judge, the police, or a prosecutor in an erratic manner may end up with you being required to explain yourself in court. A poor outcome in this situation means a bail bond is in jeopardy of revocation.

Do Not Create Raise Concerns Over Your Behavior

Statements about leaving the state, whether serious are not, present you in a very bad light. "Liking" videos that depict criminal activity undermine any impression that your desire to stay out of trouble. Remember, anything you post on social media could be entered into evidence at a bail revocation hearing. One or two sentences or even a click of a mouse can be enough to send you back to county jail for weeks.

Never Do More Than Observe

Using a social media account to keep tabs on friends and family is fine, but avoid making any public statements while out on bail. Communicate through email, text, or instant messaging (wisely) and refrain from any public commentary. Being out on bail places you in a unique situation. As a rule, avoid any behavior online or in-person that jeopardizes your freedom.

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