There really isn't anything good about being arrested, but there are a few benefits to the justice system in the United States. One of those benefits is the ability to be released from jail before your trial by paying a set bail amount. In many cases though, this amount is just too high for many people to pay. That's where a bail bonds company can help out. Since dealing with a company like this is a pretty foreign concept to most people, there are a lot of misconceptions that surround this industry. Here's a look at some of the biggest myths surrounding bail bonds.

You Must Pay Your Whole Bail to Get Out of Jail

If your bail amount is too high to pay, you don't have to pay the whole amount yourself. You can work with the services of a bail bondsman. When doing this, the bail bonds company pays your bail amount directly to the court, and you pay a small percentage fee to the bail bonds company.

Your Bond Fees Are Refunded After Your Court Date

The bail amount paid to the court is refunded after you show up at your court date. If you paid the whole amount yourself, you'll get that amount back. But if a bail bonds company paid your bail, that money is refunded to them. The fee you paid to the bondsman (usually around 15%) is not refundable.

A Bondsman Can Help You Get A Lower Bail

Your bail is non-negotiable, and working with a bondsman doesn't change that. A bondsman has plenty of experience helping people get out of jail, but your bail amount is set by the court - and set in stone. The only person who has any say over this amount is the judge.

A Bondsman Only Accepts Cash

A bail bondsman gives you the cash you need to post bail, and in return, you pay a portion of that fee to the company. But you don't necessarily have to pay in cash. Most bail bonds companies will accept debit or credit cards, and some accept direct wire or bank transfers. You may even find one that will work with collateral like property, a car, electronics or jewelry.

You Must Meet in Person

It seems like technology has slowly made its way in to almost every aspect of life today, so why should this area be any different? Many people are surprised to find out that some companies allow online bail bonds, and the paperwork can all be handled by e-mail or fax. This is often the quickest way to handle things, and incredibly helpful should you need to bail someone out at a late hour.

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